It’s simply just too cold outside and the only thing we can manage to do at the moment is dream ourselves away from the cold. Anyone else with us? Now is THE
perfect time to plan a last minute winter getaway, or maybe even start planning the summer holidays? At least something to look forward is a good friend these grey, cold January-days and these 5 dreamy hotels are on top of our travel wish list. All consisting the only three things we need ATM: Sun, beach and no stress…
This place is specially recommend for surfers, but that wouldn’t stop me booking this hidden spot! The hotel has a very unique design, based on almost just wood and windows. And the result? Is amazing! Natural and casual yet super modern.
First of all; that view! I could simply just live one that for a week, because you don’t really need more that killer view. As you may see, this resort is not at the beach, but it has a big pool (and did we mention view?), and if you want you can go down to the water by feet. Definitely worth the workout!
Look at this architecture masterpiece – I’m in shock! Ubud Hanging Gardens is a boutique hotel with no less than an award winning pool (no joke! The pool itself is award winning). I don’t know about you, but I can definitely see myself in one of those terraced tree villas…. ASAP…
Okey, so this is a definite favorite! This hotel/family sized lodge is literally your own if you book it. It’s placed on a private game reserve within the KwaZulu-Natal region of South Africa and is the perfect place if you love wildlife and some quiet time, and not so much other tourists. The only people there is the staff, and if you want to meet others, well you have to settle for a elephant or two.
I only need to say one thing about this spot (to make you hate me even more); just imagine yourself laying in that hammock over the water, with a good book and a tropical drink in your hand. Right now. Yes, please?