(Affiliate) I’m (C) packing my bags for a couple of days and these are my five essentials for longer travels. OK, there are about twenty more – if you include makeup. But these are some of my most needed products when the whole on-the-move-thing is happening. And believe me, you’ll love them just as much as I do (if not even more!) when on the run!

I find the name of this slightly misleading. I simply think the sugars are too fine or small to associate this with a proper exfoliating scrub. As a product this isn’t a bad thing really, quite the opposite – as it’s not everyday your lips is in need of heavy exfoliating. The fine quality of the sugar also makes it possible for it to melt nicely into your lips and just add that little extra softness to them – and it’s therefore perfect for hours in dry air!

This is so refreshing – the smell including! A true must have on planes or when you feel dehydrated, tired or just want to add some sparks to your workday. And best of all, it comes in a rather handy travel size!

I’ve been on about this perfume before, but it’s just makes me so happy. The smell is rich and beautiful – perfect for any occasion. I have it in a little bottle, which is great to bring in a makeup-bag.

When I first tried this hand cream «I though no kidding» it was the best hand cream I had ever tried. The texture is just so thick and with just a few drops my hands went from winter to summer hands. As I did buy it in an airport, I don’t know if it just reminds me of traveling, or if it’s the fact that my hands get really dry when traveling… It’s probably the latter, I’m about 90% sure.

Simply the best. I’m still surprised every time I come home after a long day and my lashes are stilled curled. Tired eyes after long hours of traveling? Well try this and some white eyeliner (and the mist!) and you might surprise yourself. Anyways one of the best investments I’ve made – makeup wise – and ever.