Travel With Us TUSCANY PART 4

Half way through our Italy-trip this summer and next stop is Florence – a bigger city, yet a real must in between all the tranquil and quiet spots in Tuscany. Florence should really be more than a pit stop, as it was in our case. Two days is enough, yet not enough; there are just so many beautiful things to see, markets to visit, streets to stroll and hours to just wander around and enjoy. We’re definitely heading back for some more Italian romance, but until then, here are our favorite spots; where to stay, eat and what to do while in Florence.

There are a lot of great hotels in Florence, but if you want a good one for a fair price, Alfieri9 is what you’re looking for. A super cute and cozy boutique hotel in the heart of the city. Amazing location, unique design and comfortable room, delicious breakfast and super helpful and kind staff. Did I mention it’s very home away from home (just as we like it)? It actually doesn’t look like a hotel, more like a huge apartment (which it once was) which makes it feel extra welcoming and warm.

Left: Obsequium, right: Osteria Santo Spirito
Finding good restaurants is never easy, especially when on vacation and in a big touristic city. Florence is no exception… But thanks to a bit help from the hotel staff and a a couple of coincidences we did well – more than well actually! One of our two nights we ate at a spot quite close to our hotel, Cucineria la Mattonaia, which according to locals has the best pizza in town. And without trying others, we bet they’re right. The pizza is definitely on our best pizza spots list.
Night no.2 all the spots we had on our list were either fully booked or closed due to vacation-period in Italy, so we actually just ended up strolling around town, until we couldn’t stroll anymore. We bumped into Obsequium, a 3-in-1; a wine shop, offering wine tasting as well as being a snack bar! I mean what more can one ask for? Well, you can actually pick your wines from the shelves yourself and drink them there without any extra cost. We even shipped a box of favorites home. And DO ask for their tips and recommendations, they know what they’re talking about!

Left: Cucineria La Mattonaia, right: Obsequium
Either way, after some bruschettes and a bottle of wine, we kept on exploring the beauty of Florence and randomly found our favorite hang-out spot and restaurant; Osteria Santo Spirito. A intime Osteria in the lively little piazza Santo Spirito, surrounded by restaurants, bars and a lot of people just hanging around (just how you imagine the Italian Dolce Vita). The best atmosphere and some of the best pasta we’ve eaten in Italy this summer. The four cheese gnocchi is a MUST. The best one I’ve ever had. And their appetizer (bread with homemade olive pesto) is too good… Really, don’t leave Florence without eating here.

… And last, but not least, if you want a cute place to just take a soft drink, a beer or in the need of a break from the sun. Step by Caffe Sabatino. All Italian.

I feel like I’ve been saying it every single time, but I mean it; my favorite thing in Italy is just getting lost and exploring. There are so many beautiful streets, parks, markets, shops – no place no worth seeing, they all have its own charm. Yet there are some spots you can’t miss (the touristic ones). Santa Maria del Fiore, Uffizi and the Ponte Vecchio and Palazzo Pitti are some.

Well, I have two. 1. Sunset at Ponte Vecchio. 2. Vintage-hunt! Boutique Nadine is a must (yes, we’re talking some real designer catches as well as some new, unique pieces). So is Marie Antoinette.
Okey, actually 3. If you’re a drugstore lover (as I am) an you for instance can’t get enough of Marvin toothpastes, don’t miss out on Le Vanità.
I mean how cheap? AND there are so much more!

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