Fashion Week Highlights STOCKHOLM, OSLO &amp COPENHAGEN

The Scandinavian Fashion Weeks (Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen) are over for this season and as always there are some standouts that are making us talk a little bit more. That are making us rethink both trends, garments, obsessions and buys for the seasons to come. Gathered below are our favorites from the Scandiland Fashion Weeks.

Even though we’ve been seeing a little downfall speaking in terms of Stockholm Fashion Week the last couple of years, there are still a couple of brands that are keeping us interested in the Swedish Fashion Scene. Both old favorites – that keep on surprising us year after year – and new comers, like for instance Amanda Borgfors Mézàros, that amazed us with her sewing skills and handcrafted. I mean just look at the all white look in the middle; and the perfect mix of masculinity and femininity.
Another brand that surprised us a bit this season – and this one is an ‘oldie’ in the game – is Hope. Maybe one of the strongest the brand has ever shown; showing some of our favorite classics with a modern and fresh touch. That we love ofc! The loose suits, the modern check invasion and the long shirt dresses are some of our favorites.
And last, but not least; as the minimalistic souls we are, Stockholm still knows how to satisfy our ‘simple’ yet timeless and high quality fashion heart. Stylein, Filippa K and Totême all delivered collections we minimalists dream of at night. Stylin with their killer coats, Filippa K with some pretty amazing silk pieces (read silk slip dresses) and Totême… Well, we’ll take it all!

You’ve probably already heard it (words spread fast!); Oslo Runway really did good this season! And it indeed did. Probably the best season we’ve had in Norway speaking in terms of Fashion Week – and we hope it will continue like this the seasons to come… and we definitely think it will! With designers (totally different ones to mark that early) like Admir Batlak, Michael Olestad, Elisabeth Stray Pedersen, Tom Wood and FWSS, showing in Oslo, our Fashion Week is in good hands! While Admir continue showing what handcraft is and how it’s done through art, Michael Olestad is finding a fine balance between art and fashion – and yes, he even touched our minimalistic soul with a his perfect mix of minimalism, modernism and art. Our definite favorite this season.
Elisabeth Stray Pedersen (ESP) on the other hand showed us how scandi-wear is really done and this season we’re talking more than just good outwear in wool. Of course she’s still making coats to die for, but Stray Pedersen offered much more than that. Chunky, structural, knit sweaters, mini skirts made for Scandi-weather and blazers every women should own at least one of. All in wool, but not the cozy type we’re used to; Stray is getting all modern and we really love the turn!
Not to mention we know everyday wear in Norway, and both Tom Wood and FWSS confirmed that once and for all. Amazing, everyday, denim, wearable garments like classic skirts, dresses and sets; all in some of the hottest colors and shapes of the season.

There is no doubt Copenhagen is still Scandinavias strongest Fashion Week, but not only thanks to known brands like Ganni, By Malene Birger and Designers Remix. There are actually other names taking the throne in CPH this season. We’re talking about Mark Kenly Domino Tan – the master of handcraft that has been keeping himself away from the spotlight, but no longer can thanks to everyone in the industry talking about his Fall 18 show. We’re talking unisex perfection; brilliant suits, pussy bow shirts, the classic shirts with a twist and delicate knit. Not to mention some of his outwear pieces. Same goes with Freya Dalsjø, who definitely is showing stronger and stronger collections season after season, and this one is probably her best so far! Modern suiting with a futuristic yet sophisticated touch. Every look is to die for; and we’re super happy to see her killer high-neck coat not leaving us!
But even though both Tan and Dalsjø is showing on a totally different level and for a totally different audience, Ganni, By Malene Birger and Holzweiler is still going strong. Ganni in our opinion definitely showed their best collection so far, mixing their overload cuteness with a bit more rough edges and we couldn’t be happier. Bravo! Same goes with Holzweiler that showed wearable and practical Scandi-dressing that are as close to RTW as you can get (we already see the empty store walls). And when it comes to By Malene Birger; well, you’ll definitely see us party in some of the pieces the next party season. We’ll probably even head start with the lime dress this Spring/Summer.