Photo: Johannes F Sunde
As creative director of Oslo runway and Norway’s first makeup artist for Guerlain, this man doesn’t really need any introduction. When we met him during Oslo Runway we made sure to squeeze out as much information of him as possible – because you really wanna hear his advice! Here are his answers to nine questions you’ve been wondering all your life.
1. So, Tomas, what do you recommend: Concealer over or under the foundation?
This is very individual. I usually say that if the concealer is very fair compared to the color of the foundation, it blends in nicer if you start with it.
2. We know some people would argue that skin type is key to this question, but what is your take on the fluid vs. powder foundation?
If I want a glowy result, I always choose fluid. There are plenty of products to choose between so just make sure you get the right one for your skin type.
3. And now some questions for the ultimate party-look (and not just the ultimate Insta-party version). Let’s start with fake eyelashes -yay or nay?
Definitely yay. I love fake-lashes for a party look – it gives such a powerful effect!
4. …but what about lips? Should we choose lipstick or gloss?
Lipstick! If you want gloss, rather go for a glossy lipstick!
5. And last, bearing in mind the look as a whole, what’s best to focus on lips, eyes or both?
Both lips and eyes is the most fun! But if you want a more natural look, choosing either eyes or lips can be a good solution.
6. What products should always be in any girls party-clutch?
Lipstick or gloss, concealer and matte powder if your skin gets shiny.
7. What makeup trend (from 2017) can we do without in 2018?
Here I can think of no trend in particular, as many of them overlap from season to season, but I think a lot of people can benefit from taking a look at themselves in daylight before leaving the house.
8. What makeup trend are you hoping will explode in 2018?
More lipstick on an everyday basis. I love colored lips. Glitter is also a lot of fun! If you find the trend a bit scary, try with just a bit on the eyelid.
9. We know we’ve done something right makeup wise if we meet you out and your response is…
Well generally I rarely pick on my girlfriends makeup – except if they ask for my opinion. But, if they’ve been doing well they usually get a cheeky smile and comment: Nice!