Oslo Runway has come and gone, but we can’t help but linger on some of the striking makeup looks we witnessed. Beauty blogger Precilia Isaksen was presented both backstage and during the shows, and we’ve been lucky enough to get her three favorite trends from the runways.
– My favorites for autumn are natural big brows, strong lips and shimmer, the beauty blogger reveals.
Further Isaksen explains that she stopped plucking her brows a while ago, and that she has celebrated the return of natural brows in fashion ever since.
– I’m really found of the trend now where the brows are kept natural with just a little touch up where it’s needed. It actually looked like some of the models only were wearing eyebrow gél- which I love, she says.

Strong lips and natural brows seen at the Veronica B. Vallenes show. Photo: Indigital Images/OSLO RUNWAY
Strong lips are, also as mentioned one of her beauty crushes for 2018.
– It’s a must when fall is getting near and I can’t wait to to wear raspberry coloured lipstick!
Last, but not least it’s shimmer – and of course glitter. And as she points, the Iben show truly showed off how this should be done!

– It was just amazing! And I can’t wait to try this. I might not be as daring, but a bit of glitter on the eyelids I will definitely try.
Glitter and shimmer in focus at the Iben runway. Photo: Indigital Images/ OSLO RUNWAY