Travel With Us TUSCANY PART 5

After two days in Firenze (read all about part 4 here!) our next pit stop was a smaller Tuscan town called Lucca. We did actually not stay in the city center, we stayed 5-10 minutes away from it on a little hillside, with the most amazing Tuscan-view. And even though we almost didn’t want to leave our little hill, the super cozy city of Lucca – the city of 101 churches! – is definitely a must-visit thanks to it’s cosy, intime, Italian charm.

(Sponsored) As with almost all our other stays, we like to stay close to the things we want to see, making it easy to come around without being surrounded with a lot of people. And once again we found yet another hidden pearl, which meets all our criteria; the design, the rooms, the facilities, the people and of course the location. Norwegian Tenuta San Pietro had it all, but most important it gave us the little peaceful break we needed after Florence, in the most beautiful environment. We arrived round lunch time and spent the day afternoon by the pool, overlooking the Tuscan nature, before taking a short drive to the city of Lucca, where we had dinner.
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Since we only stayed the night, we only had the chance to eat dinner at one spot. And that one spot was really spot on! (Is there anything better than not failing when choosing a restaurant when on vacation? Don’t think so!) We ended up eating three courses at a locals-recommended restaurant called Osteria Miranda, and all three were amazing. Great flavors, perfect dish size and tranquil, Italian environment. And did I mention the wines?
Psst… We did not try the gelato in Lucca, but rumors has it that Gorm is the place to dig in on your favorite flavors.

As most of the smaller Italian cities, the most beautiful things to see, is the things you see while walking around. Lucca is one of these cities; you can see it in a day, but we would gladly stay at least two days to just walk around, enjoy the food spots, the intime cafes and admire the architecture inside the old Renaissance-era city walls.
But if you like check lists, here are some spots that should be on it:
1. Cattedrale di San Martino
2. Piazza dell’Anfiteatro
3. Torre Guinigi
4. Palazzo Mansi
5. Palazzo Pfanner gardens

Besides getting lost in the mysterious streets of Lucca, walk on top of the city walls! Especially at night.
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