What products do you bring with you when traveling? Don’t tell us it’s not the absolute core of you beauty essentials. Though so! As always (and forever) we’re therefore super curious to hear what some of our favorite girls brings on the road. Next up is the uber pretty and always charming fashion journalist at Melk & Honning, Camilla Christiansen.
– Regardless of destination, I have a need to feel nice and fresh all day. And not just that; whether the holiday includes lazy days on the beach, long days of sightseeing, shopping or eating out, I really don’t wan’t to spend a lot of time getting ready! This means I rely on products which 1. lasts and 2. makes me feel great. For this job, I’ve found these loyal friends.
Say hello to a beauty product that works like a glass of water for the skin. This overnight mask provides plenty of moisture – and makes me wake up with a fresh glow.
This face cleanser is the solar reason I can brag about having both fresh and clean skin. I use it everyday and the days on the road are obviously no exception.
I always carry this spray with me. I generally like to have my hair out, and it’s a must for so many reasons: It offers that extra lift we long for, it makes my hair feel light at the same time as I can shape it as I wish. This spray is perfect for a girl who can’t say no to flick her hair either it’s on the dance floor, on the beach or in the streets of my favorite city.
A good facial spray is a must on any plane, and this form Norwegian Maya Water comes in a handy travel size. The mist is as perfect to bring in your bag on longs days when you need a refreshment in between shopping and sightseeing, as when you need to fresh up your makeup or revitaliser and cleanse your skin on the beach.
My favorite perfume from Swedish Byredo, Gipsy Water, is always with me – but when I’m traveling I bring a handy roll-on version. I like to carry it in my bag so that I can feel fresh after a long trip and busy days of traveling.