(Affiliate) When packing for travels the thing you most likely think the least of (except your phone ofc) is all different type of gadget’s that’s out there, that you might not ‘need need’, but that in some situations can be very helpful – or just really cool having in close distance! Yes, there are actually too many cool tech gadgets that most of us should include more (so many I’ve probably forgot about half of the coolest onec…) Anyway; gathered below are some of my favorites as well as some new ‘toys’ I would love to try out on my next trips!

You’ve all heard of this amazing camera (and most of you probably own one?), but hey I want one really bad. You can take it with you anywhere and the pictures/videos are amazing!

Baggage weight is something everyone at a shopping weekend needs! This one have saved me so many times from paying overweight – Amen.

Obvious? Maybe! But everyone needs at least one and this one from… is a favorite.

I mean hallo, why didn’t someone tell me about this before?! Who doesn’t want a suitcase tracker? You can really see where your suitcase is 24/7 through an app. No more nervous suitcase-missing-breakdowns. Not to mention it can be used on whatever you always want to know where is.

Music to the people! There is nothing like some good mood-setting music either it’s in the room or your private beach!

This mini projector is the new love of your life. At almost every hotel the tv is so small that you need a magnifying glass to see, but with Andersson PDX-1000 you can basically make your own cinema as long as you have a white/light wall! …you can all thank me later.
Top photo: The New York Times Style Magazine November 2016 by Karim Sadli