…and in general in your life! NYFW is coming to an end and we’ve been eyeing out a couple of great favorites (which we’ll share soon ofc), but the Victoria Beckham AW18 collection has got us talking and talking and talking. We literally can’t stop and there is one specific reason why; our jet-set heart simply just can’t imagine 2018 without the whole collection in our suitcases. No matter the destination. Clearly this also means her collection is a everyday must as well – wearable as few yet with a dash of luxe and sophistication in every single garment. But as the travel lovers as we are, we can’t stop imagining traveling the world with VB as our companion – or should we say savior?
Because that’s exactly what her last collection is. A savior. The synonym to the perfect travel wardrobe. There is nothing we like more than a strongly packed suitcase, when you simply know you’ll feel like the best version of yourself whatever you throw over your shoulders or on your feet. And that’s what we would feel if being able to pack her whole AW18 collection for all our travels to come – or at least 1/3 of it. Sadly that won’t happen for most of us, BUT a little dreaming never hurt anybody. Nor did some inspiration. And we’re definitely inspired. So, here are 5 reasons why you should be to, speaking in terms of packing your next suitcase(s) just as Victoria.
Here are 5 reasons why you VB’s AW18 collection should be in your suitcase (or at least similar pieces!):

Every single garment in the collection makes the perfect all-around – as well as go-to – garment, thanks to their shape, material and quality. Or should I say thanks to the luxe touch Victoria added to all the pieces, even the hoodies with their delicate lacing and silhouette. Choose whichever look you like and wear it for your travel, a shopping round, the late night dinner or the night out. Is there anything better when on the run? Don’t think so and VB AW18 got your back!

I don’t know about you, but I actually hate having too much clothes with me when traveling, simply because it makes it easier for me not knowing what to wear or not feeling anything that I have with me. I prefer bringing less, knowing that I’ll feel good in those few things I bring. Not to mention I bring pieces that I know can be combined and used in more than one outfit. AND it looks like VB feels the same way. All the garments in the collection is super wearable and can be used in so many combinations that you probably can’t get bored or run out of outfits if you have a couple of them with you. Take for instance the camel skirt/dress; styled with a oversized hoodie on the runway and flats (perfect travel look btw). Switch out the hoodie with a simple white tee and some kitten heels and you have the perfect night look. Or maybe a turtleneck and a fine leggings underneath for daytime. I can go on and on with examples…

I mean, there is no piece that doesn’t have a bit of (or is totally) luxe in it yet the collection is actually quite laid back and causal. In other words; exactly how your travel wardrobe should be and look like. You shouldn’t look like you’re trying too much (travels should be chill!) yet you should look your best at all time either you just got off the plane or woke up for breakfast after a loooong night. Thank you for making that part SO much easier Victoria!
There is no secret I’m kind of selective when it comes to my color palette. We can leave it at that it’s not that wide. But there are some colors I do love – especially when traveling, since I usually feel both more inspired and fresh – thanks to their ability to lift a look or simply just make one when there is no time to experiment. And Victoria captured all these in her collection. Earth tones, greens, navy and a dash of golden tones like dark mustard yellow and burnt orange (the latter especially combined with black). All giving you that extra lift we need and want when out exploring – or just relaxing. Not to mention Instagram loves it!

And last, but not least; Victoria showed what I dear to call the ultimate travel accessories. Let’s start with the bags; so big that she could (as she said herself) fit her kids in it so she won’t loose them out if sight. Same goes with our belongings – laptop, camera, beauty saviors, wallet, passports, book … should I continue. The super sized tote is definitely a carry-on winner! And it’s not the only winner. The square toe, leather flats looks like the comfiest – and the chicest! I won’t say more than that they’re the perfect footwear from A-Z.
Also worth mentioning (without mentioning all the accessories, as I would love to) is the kitten heel, which is the perfect heel for any travel. Actually a heel model you can walk in – which is a big part of most travels. And to wrap it up; the mini box bag that should be with you at all time for so many reasons. Not only does it add the little extra to your look (and can be used both as a top handle bag and a shoulder bag), it’s super practical and fits all the things your really need during the day. Did I mention it comes with a mirror inside?!

Photos: / Vogue Runway