(Affiliate) Sunday is simply just my (J) favorite day. Why? Because it’s the only day during the week I feel I can actually do nothing at all. And for you guys that means 5 dreamy places I’m dreaming about this Sunday. And this time I’ve really let myself go, focusing only on super luxe hotels – mostly suites to be precise. And honestly, some of these are literally just dreams. Because if I where to stay there, I’d probably had to sell an apartment or two just to afford one night. But a little dreaming never hurt nobody right?
Happy Sunday Dreaming!
Abu Dhabi in general is quite an exclusive city – which shows in this hotel. It’s considered by many to be the most exclusive hotel in the city. If you go there you’ll receive a personal Butler and a private beach. Sounds good right? And the best suite, Royal suite, you’d also have to pay around $35,000 pr night.
I still haven’t heard anyone saying the hate France. Everyone loves it! And of course if you need a little extra luxury, they know how to give it to you and Grand Hyatt is the place. Their suite has four master bedrooms, two living rooms and two dining rooms. So you can definitely bring some friends or family with you. You also have the most killing view over the Boulevard de la Croisette, the bay and the private beach. For just $41,000 a night the room is yours. He-he.
Venetian is an extravagant hotel with gondola rides and a replica of Saint Mark’s square. The name speaks for itself. The hotels ‘little’ penthouse suite is actually over three floors and costs $25,000 a night. Totally dreamable!
The luxury Plaza Athenee has a Christian Dior appointed spa, five restaurants overseen by the famous Michelin-star chef Alain Ducasse and event spaces that will simply just amaze you – a bit like a fairytale. The royal suite costs about $27,000 a night; but you will of course live like a royal.
The interior at this place is know to be top-notch, and the rooms are some of the largest in the city. The rooms cost about $20,000 or more a night. But hey, they have tv mirrors (to mention one thing), and that’s pretty cool right?