(Affiliate) Caroline Skjelbred goes nowhere without her eyelash curler and uses a palette from Chanel we pretty much bought just by her mentioning it. We asked the stunning and super-fresh Beauty Editor at ELLE Norway about those and three other travel-secrets to get her spot on look at all time!
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The perfect pick up for travels! I discovered it on a pharmacy when I lived in Paris and have used it for years now. The mist is always in my purse and it’s both super hydrating and provides loads of glow.
This balm provides so much hydration for dry and stressed skin, and it’s always with me when I travel. It’s amazing to use on flights or as a night mask when the skin is extra dry (as long as you use a rich layer!)
The ultimate trio! This palette includes undereye concealer, highlighter and blush. I use the highlighter to open the eyes (with just a little bit in the inner corner) as well as the bridge of the nose and on the cheekbones. The blush is gorgeous and I actually also use this on my lips.
I`m going nowhere without this, I’m completely addicted.
The best I’ve ever tried and worth every penny! I get dry lips very easily and this keeps them nice and moisturised.