Travel With Us TUSCANY PART 6

Next stop after the super cozy pit stop in Lucca (which you can read about here if you missed it!) was a longer ‘break’ actually a bit out of the ‘Tuscan border’; in the hills of La Spezia. Between La Spezia and Cinque Terre to be specific at an amazing Airbnb called the Tramonti House (read more about this dream destination HERE!). Of all the too beautiful places we had the pleasure to visit on our trip, this is absolutely our favorite and this is why:

When trying to retell our stay at Tramonti House I always fail. You simply have to experience and explore the place at your own and in your own way. The place really has an indescribable and an breathtaking view and surroundings – I couldn’t imagine, in my wildest dreams, that an extremely beautiful and tranquil dream.

And it doesn’t stop there. Not only are the surroundings unbelievable beautiful, the house is as well. With it’s killer location, on a precipitous hillside in a tiny village where they used to make wine for the romans, this place is where you come when you want to unwind from the real world. The small 50 m² Ligurian house over two floors – overgrown with vines, olive, fig trees, rosemary and wild flowers – is decorated for relaxation and the slow Italian life. Not to mention its sea-view balcony which is as beautiful in the morning as it’s in the night. We only left it when heading to ‘the beach’ or the two nights we went out on a dinner.

Speaking about ‘the beach’; there ain’t one in walking distance from the house. But what is in walking distance is a hidden bay; a fisherman’s wreck. A place only the locals know about – and not even all the locals do. There is only one way down and that is 20 minutes by feet straight down some natural stairs (to put it nicely). I think we both have agreed on that this is the most beautiful place we’ve seen; crystal blue water, the silence of nature and the untouched Italian charm. All in one and no strange in that. This place is a nature reserve and you see and feel it all the time.
And last, but not least; the host Alissa doesn’t need more words of explanation than amazing. You’ll understand if you ever get to meet her. And I do have to mention the house-cat as well, Federico. The best evening company on the balcony!
On the sea-view balcony. You will probably never experience anything as breathtaking and romantic as eating tasteful homemade pasta, drink local wine and watch the sun go down so close, yet so far away. As Alissa herself says «the house seems suspended between sky and sea».
We bought a lot of food for our stay, since there are no stores nearby (you have to take the car, which is also parked 10-15 minutes walk from the house) and made dinner ourselves most of the days. But if you want to eat out there is an amazing pizza-spot in the little town called Biassa. You won’t find Tra Monti e Mare on google maps, but their pizza is amazing, so just aske the locals – everyone knows where it is.

Two other restaurants that is recommended by the locals, which we sadly didn’t prioritize (since we’re definitely coming back and wanted our first stay to be totally tranquil), is La Lampara and Piccolo Blue in Campiglia. These two are actually even in walking distance according to the locals – but we have a feeling you would have to walk at least for half an hour.
According to our host Alissa, there are so many beautiful things to see in close distance – as well as by car or even boat – but since we only stayed for a couple of days, as absurd as it might sound, we didn’t want to see more than we saw everyday from the house, on the way down to ‘our’ bay and from the bay. To us, what we saw, was so overwhelming every day we stayed that we actually needed those 5 days to just absorb the beauty of Tramonti.

But if you head there before we do again, Alissa has all the local secrets written down in her guest book; we’re talking boat excursions, hiking routes and beach exploring.
Pssst… You’ve probably noticed that Tramonti is super close to Cinque Terre and some of you are probably wondering about how I’m not mentioning it and the explanation is as simple as; it’s not worth seeing compared to Tramonti. We’ve heard people talk so much about how amazing and beautiful it is there (and we believe it once was), but it’s not anymore. We went to Riomaggiore for an evening and that’s the only regret we have – lucky for us we only stayed for an hour and went back to our balcony. We experienced Riomaggiore as crowdy, uber touristic, even a bit dirty and with an bad (and I mean really bad) restaurant selection. The whole city (sadly) smelled deep fried. BUT the architecture is of course still outstanding.

Disconnect! And only that. Do whatever feels right for you when staying there – if what is sitting on the balcony all day long, taking a walk or frying at the bay with the locals. And the best part; there is no wifi there and the 4G sucks. Enjoy that!
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