Travel Must-Haves 13 SERIES YOU NEED ‘IN’ YOUR CARRY-ON IN 2018

As a follow up to some of my (J) favorite books, and a couple of ‘new’ must-reads in 2018 (that’ll definitely be in my carry-on the next travels), it’s about time to share some (13 to be specific) of my favorite series. And yes, these should definitely be supplements to your travel-books this year, when you need a break – or when you’ve finish the ones you brought. Or in general, when you have no other plans post-work, other than eating your dinner in front of the TV. So, either you’re staying just where you are or you’re about to pack your suitcase for a getaway (or maybe Milan Fashion Week) one of these should be in close distance. WARNING! Every single one of these 13 series are here because they once left me heartbroken when they were over. So be careful when you start. Make sure it’s the right moment or you probably won’t be leaving you computer/TV/iPad for a couple of days.
1. The fall
2.The magicians

3.Lucifer 4.Designed survivor 5.The following 6.Vikings 7.Stranger things 8.Dark 9.Ozark

10.Punisher 11.Black sails 12.Penny dreadful 13.Luke cage