The news we’ve been dreaming of for so long is now finally dropped; Say hello to ‘Airbnb Plus‘! The home-away-from home network announced earlier this week a collection of the most luxurious – both when it comes to the styling and interior and the service – Airbnb’s on the market, selected under Airbnb Plus. So, if you’ve been shied away from the risks of renting a another persons home – or you’re just like us and like to stay in stylish surroundings when possible – the some 2000 Airbnb Plus rentals is what you’ve been waiting for!
The Plus rentals have personally been verified for cleanliness, comfort and design against a 100-point checklist; making it easier to know what you’re actually going to. Not to mention it makes it A LOT easier booking Airbnb stays for other (and more ‘serious’) settings that a short getaway or a week vacation. As the CEO, Brian Chesky, said himself «All Airbnb Plus homes are visited in person to ensure comfort, consistency, and design». Read the last three words again. Comfort. Consistency. Design. And did we mention the new, clean look of the apartment sites?
In other words: We could actually not be happier (yes, we’re just about to start booking our summer vacation) and to celebrate here 4 Plus stays we’re already dreaming of: