(Affiliate) We’ve been eying the platform sneakers for a while now and our conviction that we need more of them in our shoe wardrobe was confirmed by no one else than Phoebe Philo and her last Céline collection (which we don’t go deeper into…). The way she elevated our nostalgic thoughts about the shoe trend – to become far more than just something we used to love. They became something we need SO badly – by integrating it to two of her always sophisticated, minimalist looks.

The way they fit with perfectly tailored trousers and a blazer or the asymmetric-leg leggings and a waisted coat. Elegant yet so, so casual and in the now. Yes, we lost all our connotations to how we once used to see the platform sneakers, they’re now the perfect all-around sneakers. THE new all-around sneakers to be specific. We’ll be wearing them to work, shopping, dinners, drinks, parties… you name it! Styled with both suits, dresses, skirts, leggings. There are no limits with this lady of a sneakers. And did we mention she’ll be your no.1 travel companion as well? No? Well, now we have. As well as being super gorgeous, she is actually comfy all day long!
Are you sold yet? We are and gathered below are some of our favorites in stores at the moment:
Sneakers from Hogan, sneakers from

sneakers from Ganni, sneakers from Vince, sneakers from Eytys, sneakers from Hogan, sneakers from Zara, sneakers from Vagabond, sneakers from Prada, sneakers from MiuMiu and sneakers from Vagabond.

Photos: Vogue.com