Beauty Inspiration TOP 3 RTW MAKEUP LOOKS FROM AW18

Runway beauty looks; so crazy, yet so beautiful and this season we’ve seen

(and if you’re tired of tired eyes, there are good reasons for you to follow!). We’ve seen mascaras in colors we’ve never even worn on our nails and to quote the creative director of Oslo runway, Tomas Erdis, we’ve seen focus on lips, lips, lips.

In other words; it seems like we can cross out the idea of being too bold this season. Still, we assume we’re not alone in experiencing makeup-trends rather challenging. Because a lot of them honestly seem to take a village (preferable of makeup-artist…) and then the thought of ending up looking like a clown is just too near. But still, when it’s right….
To find peace with this struggle we’ve found three makeup looks we love and which are pushing us just enough to feel OUT OF THIS WORLD and yet aren’t crazy enough to make us well, leave work.

Blue shimmery eyeshadowat Carolina Herrera

Red, red lipsat Dolce & Gabbana
Photo: Vogue UK

Glossy lids at Emilia Wickstead. Pssst! To get this look go for

and top it with a