(This article contains affiliate and sponsored products) As much as we LOVE white and crispy winters, we’ve got enough now. And since our wishes and needs turn as fast as the weather, we’ve been booking ourselves away from the cold to cities full of spring. Our Travel Editor escaped to no other dream destination than Marrakech (which you’ll read quite a lot about soon), while our Fashion Editor just booked a spontaneous weekend getaway to Barcelona. We’re talking three-days-before-travel-booking-spontaneous. In other words; no time to loose speaking in terms of packing, but if there is one thing we know, it’s packing. And if there is one thing Katarina hates it’s overpacking. Especially when it comes to the beauty bag – and thinking about it, it’s quite understandable. How much of the 5 kg beauty bag do we really need and use in the end?
No answer needed, which is why we asked K which beauty products we’ll find in her beauty bag for short city getaways and why these:
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1. FACE: I’m not a found of too many beauty products on my skin – I simply hate feeling the ‘weight’ of too much makup. Not to mention I hate using time on covering up. My five steps for a natural makeup look (speking in terms of the facial products) is a primer this primer from Giorgio Armani – which also has SPF – , YSL’s CC cream, Giorgio Armani’s fluid bronzer and the glow boosters YSL touche eclat pen and Helena Rubinstein glow cream. Latter is my favorite glow product at the moment.
2. EYES/BROWS: I never leave the house without curling my lashes and fixing my brows. To do the job I always use a good brow powder and long lasting gel. My favorites at the moment is Bobbi Brown’s powder (perfect shades) and Brow Gal’s gel (its hold).
3. LIPS: There is no day my lipliner from H&M ain’t with me. I’m still in love with Choco Therapy’s natural color, matching my own perfectly. I also never travel without a good red lipstick; there is no game-changer as good, taking your look from everyday to party in a sec! My absolute favorite is Rouge Pur Couture Le Rouge Feu from YSL (no.14).
4. SMELL: Most of my perfumes are in big, beautiful bottles (and I love them for it), but they’re taking too much space for travels. Especially knowing there are so many good ones in travel size. My new discovery is the N.C.P perfumes (which we’ll write more about later) for three simple reasons: They smell amazing, are ment for layering and has the best size. In other words you can bring to small bottles and having three perfumes with you.
5. SKINCARE: There is no secret I’ve become a skincare nerd and if there is one thing I prioritize bringing, even in bigger bottles, it’s my skincare. A tightening, glow mask is a must post-traveling in the evening, as well pre-dinner. Swiss Clinic’s Dry Mask is the perfect travel companion; no grease, leaves your skin toned and glowy and can be used more than once.
When it comes to my cleansing I’m all about the Korean skincare brand Erborian and never travel far without their cleansing oil (which both cleanse and remove makup), double lotion and day cream.
For tired travel (or party)-eyes my immediate savior is Helena Rubinstein’s Powercell eye cream – you’ll see why I use the word immediate when you try it!
6. HAIRCARE: I rarely fint hotel haircare good yet most good haircare comes in LARGE bottles. Fortunately for me one of my favorite haircare brands Moroccanoil finally has a wide selection (actually all my favorite products) of travel size bottles; shampoos, conditioners, hai masks, sprays and oils. Amen – bad hair days are the last ones we need when on the run.
Primer from Giorgio Armani, CC cream from YSL, bronzer from Giorgio Armani, highlighter from YSL, glow cream from Helena Rubinstein, lash curler from Shiseido, lipliner from H&M, eyebrow powder from Bobbi Brown, brow gel from Brow Gal, lipstick from YSL, travel size perfumes from N.C.P., eye cream from Helena Rubinstein, face mask from Swiss clinic, cleansing oil from Erborian, double lotion from Erborian, face cream from Erborian, hair oil from Moroccanoil, hair spray from Moroccanoil, shampoo from Moroccanoil and conditioner from Moroccanoil.