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Feeling sceptic about the heading because you 1) Don’t have time for that hippie thing? 2) Simply don’t think it will work? We don’t blame you! I avoided natural products for years because I thought that if I was gonna spend time on skin-care- it better work! Not much has changed on that front, except that it’s now the very reason I use a lot of natural, (even ecological!) products! In other words: they really do the job.
Eyecreamand facial maskfrom Decléor
…or in risk of revealing myself as dull, there’s a slight chance that I wear this duo a lot more than just on days before parties… The eye cream, I use as often as I remember to. A great thing with this is that unlike a lot of other eye creams (where you’re told, often when it doesn’t work, that you’re only supposed to wear a little or it might make your eye-area worse…) you can actually wear a thicker layer for a mask effect! The night mask on the other hand really plumps the skin up, leaving it radiant and ready for either party makeup or a no-makeup day.
Cleanserand exfoliating cleansermask from Rå Organic Skincare
This is basically my everyday routine. I switch between using them and I really feel like my skin have improved; imperfections are reduced and I really like the hydrating effect of the cleanser. It provides a nice glow and melt nicely into your skin. The exfoliating mask, I often use when I feel like my skin needs a little extra help. Ps! I don’t know how this would work for you, but I prefer to leave this on for 15 minutes instead of 5 as stated in the back.
Concealerand mascarafrom Nilens Jord
The concealer of the year! (despite the fact that it’s been out for a long time): Nilens jord, duo concealer is truly the best I’ve come across in ages, both when it comes to coverage and appearance. It blends out nicely and adds a nice brightening effect to tired eyes.
Another NJ favorite. This is such a good mascara, it provides great volume and stays on- a true bargain!