There’s no secret we turn to our favorite designers and their latest shows when in the need for some inspiration, both when it comes to everyday dressing and packing for getaways. Latter, which it’s going to be a lot of in the time ahead, is – or at least feels – like the hardest part sometimes. What should we bring and what should we leave to make it as easy, fast and chic to dress while away?
We’ll probably never become the packing-experts we dream of becoming (since we’ll most likely always end up overpacking form time to another) but we’ll definitely not stop getting better at it and for the coming spring/summer travels we’ll be turning to no other than Jacquemus’s AW18 collection for som expert packing help. Because yes, the whole collection is definitely made for the traveling women, with its roots in the exotic and hectic Morocco.

Why turn to an AW18 collection when packing for SS18 vacations you ask? And why Jacquemus AW18? 1) His collection is an AW collection as we know them, it’s a AW collection disguised in beautiful, super wearable and transformable SS garments that are – at least some of them – as good for the sunny period of the year as for the dark and cold one. See the coats, thicker skirts and dresses, not to mention the leggings. 2) Because, even though we didn’t think anything he ever made again could surpass his SS18 collection ‘La Bomba’, Simon’s ‘Le Souk’ is probably his best collection ever. Consisting and combining strong handicraft with wearable everyday pieces, made for the ‘fast living 2018 women’ that cares about how she looks at all time, in a effortless yet elegant way. In other words perfect for the ASJ-women; with all it’s cross-outfit pieces that looks perfect styled together and separately. And of course we do have some specific garments and combinations in mind when recommending to turn to the collection for your next getaway (for good reason!):

1. THE KAFTANS:The perfect go-to garment. Looking as good over a bikini as it does with high-heeled sandals for evening dinners.
We never travel anywhere without at least two white shirts and our new favorite is definitely the ones with longer sleeves, that’s easier to dress up. We especially love it when styled with elegant, midi skirts – gladly with daring splits à la Jacquemus. Simple, sophisticated, comfy and wearable. What more do we look for in travel pieces?
3. THE ONE COLORED, DEEP V-NECK DRESSES: There’s nothing like simple yet powerful garments. Why? Well, first of all they always make you look your best. Secondly, they always make you look your best in no time. Literally. The only thing you have to do is putting it on. And when it comes to the deep v-neck. Well, no other details needed.

4. THE SPAGHETTI STRAP DRESSES: Super easy to dress up and down and the styling combinations are infinite. Shirts, t-shirts, skirts, blazers… we could go on forever!
5. SPLIT SKIRTS + CROPPED LEGGINGS: Absolutely our new favorite combo, and that for many reasons! Not only does it look elegant yet a bit dressed down, it’s super practical when on the run/traveling. Wear the cropped tights underneath when traveling or at daytime and when night falls just put them in you bag and you’ll have a totally new look.
6. THE BLAZER: The same goes with the blazer as with the white shirt, it’s always with us. And for our coming SS travels we’ll be wearing it with our standards as well as alone, with heels and delicate, statement earrings. And if we dare, with a belt – a fringed one à la Simon!

Photos: Vogue Runway and Dazed