Juliane Kleiven, A Style Journey
It’s easy to become blind on your own hometown, even country – and sadly we have been so and still are a bit. Which is why we’ve decided to give you more of what our hometown and beautiful Scandiland, Norway, has to offer – because when we dig, just a little deeper, there is so many good thinks you and we should do more of. Or at least experience once while in Oslo and all over Norway. From cozy cities to breathtaking nature spots; to kick off the Norwegian must-dos, here are 8 places you should visit in Norway!
TROMSØ is the biggest city in north of Norway and is the perfect city to catch the northern lights.
PULPIT ROCK a six kilometer hike, which takes about four hours. But it’s all worth it when you stand on the top looking over the beautiful Lysefjord.
SVALBARD is a archipelago between mainland Norway and the North Pole. THE spot if you love an icy nature. Also a good place to see northern light and polar bears.
STAVANGER is a perfect summer city – yes, we actually do have beautiful summers. At least a couple of weeks. Stavanger has a beautiful, colorful street that is made for warm summer nights.
OSLO the capital of Norway. We could go on, discussing forever, but to make it as short as possible; there might seem like little Oslo is far behind most European capitols – and in a way it is, in most ways – but there are a lot of things happening, and it’s happening fast. Combining its cozy and intimate nature, with a growing cultural scene (not to mention the growing parts of the city) Oslo is definitely worth a visit.
THE GEIRANGERFJORD is an indescribable fjord protected by the UNESCO. With snow covered mountains, blue water and a wonderful green vegetation, this is simply a must-see if you’re driving around.
BERGEN is the second largest city in Norway. You have the modern city life as well as some of the most beautiful nature with fjords, seas and mountains. In other words, Bergen gives you both the cozy city-feel as well as some of our most beautiful nature at the same time.
JOTUNHEIMEN contains over 250 mountains and also our highest one Galdhopiggen. It’s the perfect place for hiking, climbing and skiing. Probably some of the most powerful nature you’ll see.