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(Affiliate) Outdoor activities are an exciting part of the Easter holiday for many. Makeup-wise however we all know this can be a challenge. We mean wind, snow and ski goggles meeting mascara? Definitely not the best combo! As if keeping your mascara in place wasn’t hard enough as it was.
Well, to reduce some of the pressure of the holiday (at least we have more than enough keeping track in the slope) we’ve gathered seven easy beauty hacks to avoid your mascara from sliding and hopefully make our holiday run a little smoother.
1. FIND THE RIGHT MASCARA. According to makeup-queen Charlotte Tilbury this is the key. It might sound obvious, but as many eager testers have noticed mascaras truly differ on this matter. (We know Sensai’s 38’C mascara is a big favorite here). If you’re not the patient type (or simply dislike testing new things) waterproof mascaras is the obvious choice. Pssst… We’ve gathered top 5 below if your in need of tips!
2. IF YOU’RE NOT FOND OF waterproof mascaras (we know many aren’t) use your favorite non-waterproof mascara on the upper lashes and rather go for a waterproof on the lower once (this is our go-to-trick atm!).
3. BE AWARE OF your choice of under-eye products. Wet moisturizer is the the obvious catalyst of smudgy mascara, but also oily and creamy concealers can – in our experience – be the ENEMY when it comes to keeping your makeup in place.
4. LET YOUR PRODUCTS DRY; mascara, concealer, creams… simply invest the minutes it takes to let them dry before leaving the house.
5. APPLY TRANSLUCENT COMPACT POWDER over your concealer. A little trick is to apply a generous amount while waiting for your mascara to dry and remove the excess when it’s done.
6. DON’T APPLY MASCARA on the outer part of your lashes, instead focus on the roots and drag the product ALMOST all the way out. And now you won’t look stupid!
7. SIMPLY SKIP using product on the lower lashes.
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