Juliane, A Style Journey
I love getting inspired by Instagram, especially speaking in terms of travels. It’s easy getting ‘safe’ with travels – yes we’re creatures of habit. Yet we love exploring; getting to know new spots, cultures, food scenes, … and finding new favorites. And there are especially a couple of accounts I tend to turn to when planning a new trip or when just in ‘need’ for some everyday-escape.
Gathered are my top 5 Instagram travelers (pssst… And do NOT visit these if you’re not in the mood for dreaming away. I warned you).

Jack Morris is the genius behind this Instagram account. You get a peak into his ‘perfect’ life, following him and his girlfriend the world around. PS! Follow his girl as well, she’s amazing too (shocking).

2. KELLY LACK Simply just love her page. Not only does she takes amazing pictures, but she’s also a alum at the top lifestyle companies like Martha Stewart and Spot. You get pictures form her personal travels and in general tips from her favorite spots all around.

3. JACK HARDINGThis man is natures best friend. His pictures of landscapes are truly breathtaking and such inspiration – he even almost makes me want to take a hiking trip (and for those knowing me, I’m not the hiking type of traveller). His style is recognizable and really something for itself. So much love for this account – and if you’re a nature lover, he’ll become your inspiration source no.1!

There is something about this Instagram that I really like – I think it’s the combination of dream away photos, realness and tips. The pictures are amazing and I really feels like she wants her followers to fall in love with the places she visits, just like she does. Not to mention all that information she shares (in her captions) about the places!

The Instagram account of this Hawaiian born beauty is pure inspiration. She takes those dream travel photographs (we all dream of taking ourselves) and her lifestyle is simply just as dreamy as her photos. The cool thing about her account is that she doesn’t only travel to hip places or the coolest restaurants. She does everything from camping in the snow to surfing in Hawaii; exploring the news spots we haven’t heard about. Yet.