Travel With Us TUSCANY PART 7

Katarina Petrovic, A Style Journey
It’s time for (really time for!) the last part of our Tuscany trip. Before we sum it all up in a summer-planning post – just in time for you to book the whole route for this summer! – say hi to our last stay, before we hit Rome for two finishing days, the Tuscan Island Elba.
The Island is located 20 km from the mainland and consist some of the most beautiful beaches in Tuscany. We were considering a lot of options; staying some days at Fetovaia, one day near Beach of Samson and then spend the last days at Sant’ Andrea. But in the end we ended up staying only at the latter, Sant’ Andrea, and we couldn’t be happier with out choice. Of course we still want to visit the other ones, but we were looking for some totally tranquil last days, and Sant’ Andrea was its synonym thanks to it’s beaches and location.

Sant’Andrea is a small place with few hotels, so if you want to make sure you stay at the best ones book early! The place is loved by Italians as well as tourists that somehow finds their way. Being super last minute, we did not end up at our no.1 hotel Hotel Ilio (the only Boutique hotel at Elba. The Island has a quite low hotel standard in general despite its posh reputation), but we came over a good no.2, with perfect location, good food and absolutely okey standard called Hotel Cernia.
The rooms are clean and big, but its location (super close to all the beaches), food and evening atmosphere are what’s making this a good worth the stay!

Of 5 days at the Island we had dinner at our hotel one night and spend the rest of our late night dinners at different spots in towns/villages around Sant’Andrea. Is the perfect way of seeing more of Elba as well as Sant’Andrea isn’t that known for having the best restaurants. I recommend exploring the small villages Marciana and Poggio as well as the more busy Marciana Marina for both drinks and dinners.

Osteria Del Noce
Here are the spots we had time to visit for dinner:
1. Osteria Del Noce, Marciana (stop by at Gelateria Zero Gradi Marciana afterwards if you have space after their great desserts)
2. La Fiaccola, Marciana Marina (good pizza)
3. Restaurant Pizzeria La Scaletta, Marciana Marina (good pizza and pasta)
Also recommended by locals: Sciamadda (Poggio), Publius (Poggio) and Capo Nord (Marciana Marina).
As mentioned in the intro here are so many beautiful beaches on the island, so if you’re staying more than 5 days I would definitely recommend driving around – the distances are not that big.
If you’re planning on doing like we did – taking it totally tranquil at daytime – change between two beach spots. Our favorite is definitely the smooth ‘Cote Piane’ as the locals call them, the granite rocks at Capo Sant’Andrea (don’t stop where all the people are laying! Go further, as far as you can get by feet – and it’s not far – and you’ll have a more private ‘beach’ and private ‘ocean pool’). But also walk the rocky way between Spiagia Sant’Andrea and Cotoncello Beach. Find a spot on the way or enjoy the natural swimming pool at Cotoncello.
Other than spending lazy days on our favorite spot at the ‘end’ of Capo Sant’Andrea, until the sun goes down; nothing. The evening view and sunset is just breathtaking.

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