Katarina Petrovic, A Style Journey
In the middle of planning your vacation(s) this summer – maybe even arguing with your partner or BFF on where you’re going? Well, let us make it easier for you! This Tuscan route (yes, I’ve finally put together the whole route from our Tuscany trip last summer!) is THE vacation you want this summer… you just don’t know it yet.
At least it is, if you’re looking for a combined vacay; with both the roadtrip feel and the tranquil touch with some longer stays in the end of the trip. By choosing this route you’ll see everything from the best inland, small Tuscan cities, the breathtaking nature, the amazingly beautiful coast and one of the best Islands Tuscany has to offer – all in 18 days. Or in less (or maybe more?) if you like. Some of the spots are even perfect by themselves if you’re not the roadtrip kind of person.

Spend some totally ‘isolated’ days surrounded by Tuscany’s most beautiful nature at our stop 1 or 2 (see spots in the end of the article) or recharge the batteries by the ocean at stop 6 or 7. No matter what you choose, you’re definitely getting La Dolce Vita!
Check out the whole route in the interactive map below. (Touch or drag the mouse over the map…) Click on the black dots and get more info and the red ones for short videos – just to give you a taste of what’s waiting for you…

Stop 8: Rome (two nights)