The Beauty Editors Favorite CARNER BARCELONA

A Style Journey, Caroline
If there’s one thing we on A Style Journey love it’s a good perfume. I mean; what sets a mood or lights up a day better than a spray of our favorite perfume?
But in our experience the perfect perfume can be quite hard to find! One (rather expensive) problem I ‘ve personally experienced is that I often like a perfume when I test it, but end up disliking it as soon as I buy it. This was however not the case with my new bombshell: Cuirs Eau de Parfum from Carner! I’ve tested it for about three months now and I still enjoy every spray. The perfume is a perfect match between tobacco, wood and spiciness of saffron and has a warm and deep character.
For those who has entered the advanced level in the disiplin of perfumes, we can tell you that the top notes are Cumin, Saffron and that the mid notes are Australian Sandal Wood, Texas Cedar Wood and Indonesian Patchouli.
This perfume is just as perfect for day as it is for night – and I love it as much when the spring is getting near as I did during the winter. It’s so warm, sophisticated and luxurious. In other words; pure joy in every drop.
My only wish is that they start making these in travel size, because I don’t want to go anywhere without it!