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It’s definitely time to start planning – or actually start booking! – this years summer vacation. At least if you want to get the good places and prices before they’re all booked for the high season, the trick is to plan you vacation right NOW. But can we guess some of you are just like us; having a bad habit of waiting until the last minute just because you can’t decide where to spend your lazy days?
Thought so! Which is why we’re gathering some of our dream spots for this summer in the posts to come and first out This time; 4 places that is not our usual summer vacation list.
So, if you’re like If us – not a super fan of touristic booms and charter trips – take a look at these gorgeous places for a start! And yes, you can even book both your flight and hotel below.
Happy vacay planning!
The small Dutch Caribbean Island off the coast of Venezuela is a true summer dream. The whole island can tempt you with white long beaches and sunny weather. But that’s not all this place has to offer. The people there are know to be fantastic hosts, doing their best for you to feel welcome.
Also a plus is you have a lot of different luxury hotels to pick from and they’re all lined up on the beach. And did I mention you can choose from many different beautiful beaches? No? Well, Eagle beach is actually the 3rd best beach in the world (according to Tripadvisor). Mangel Haiti is known for the amazing snorkel opportunities and reefs. Or if you just want to get away Baby Beach should be your destination. The beach is less crowded. And at last, but not least; the Flamingo beach. And yes the name says it all, a beach full of flamingos.
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A summer holiday in a city with sun and tanning? Yes please! We love HOT city breaks as well.
Valletta in Malta is surrounded by beautiful blue water. The city goes under «a city made by gentlemen for gentlemen» and yes you’ll experience that. This is truly a dream destination for culture lovers; every corner is full of history and cultural spots to dig into day in and day out. The city is a World Heritage City and is one of the most concentrated historic areas in the world. It also has lot of beautiful gardens that are a musts!
Psst… Don’t forget to visit The St John’s cathedral. Not only is it beautiful, but it contains masterpieces by Caravaggio and Mattia Preti. Also the city has a lot of cultural plans for the summer, so make sure to do some research before you go so you don’t miss anything while there!
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Baska Voda is a small village at the foot of the Biokovo mountains; the perfect spot to enjoy the gorgeous Adriatic sea.
Only nine kilometres from Makarska and a small trip from Split. In other words; as well as being a super tranquil spot by itself, it’s also the perfect destination if you want to include a few Croatian beauties in one trip.
Baska Voda was once a small fishing village, but now known for it’s beaches surrounded by high mountains. So, if you get bored of the beaches the balkan mountains are definitely worth a hike!
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Mendoza in breathtaking Argentina is for all of you wine lovers out there (I raise my hand HIGH!).
You can literally go wine tasting all over. So, as you might see this is not the typical all beach and sun vacation, but a perfect place for a more active vacation. And no of course we’re not thinking about all day active, because there are so many amazing hotels and spots to spend lazy days and hours while you enjoy some of the worlds best wine!
But when not laying on your sun bed, drinking your new favorite wine, horseback riding, white water rafting, climbing mountains and biking are just some of the activities to fill your days with.
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