Caroline, A Style Journey
(Affiliate) … at least according to me. But really we all know the drill of traveling, we want the products to be small and have multiple function areas, so that we need well…VERY few items! When I’m out and about I usually bring maximum five products – that are light, neet and effectful! In other words the best of the best.
Here is what you’ll find in my makeup bag for my short city break this week:

This is another accidental favorite product. I was actually recommended to buy it just to use on my lower lashes (because it’s waterproof) and was told it had a natural finish (which is nothing but bad when it comes to mascara to me). Anyways, I found the mascara to be quite the opposite; with enough layers (hehe) it’s a perfect volume mascara. The product is also tiny and super plus for being the least smudgy mascara I’ve ever tried!

Always, always! Mine is soon empty. Not only is this my favorite concealer (=provides great cover) it also works as a highlighter!

My new favorite color (color 623). It’s just everything! Lipstick to me is the perfect travel companion, I would love to say it’s so because you can also use it as a rouge. BUT, I don’t use as one, so it’s purely out of the joy of red lips!

I normally don’t wear foundation and I know that I’m way too pale to pull off a bronzer. But I still use it, as I’ve found nothing that adds life and shape to your face quite like it! AND HEY of course you can also wear it as a eyeshadow.

Another all time favorite, and the only eyeliner I’ve ever felt actually stayed in place. I also use this as a brow pen… so! That will be me!