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Are you bothered with dry or oily skin or scalp? Are you freaking out of any other deodorant (and toothbrush!) than the one you have at home? Or do simply 99% of all brushes kill your poor hair, and 99,99% of all hairsprays finish off well, what’s left? You’re not alone! And if you like us have come to realize that you’re depending just a little more on those beauty products of yours than you thought, you’re probably familiar with the holiday problem… You know the one that turns up after the great idea you had about «just finding something when you’re there»?
And even though the most amazing products can turn up when you least expect it, we usually end up buying the worst and shortest lived products when we’re in that I-just-need-something-mood. Not to mention its usually not great for us, and certainly never great for the environment. These are just some of the reasons why we’re getting more and more into travel size products. The idea is simple: Get your favorite product, just in a smaller size.
Below we’ve gathered our top five wish-listed travel size products, which are just as gorgeous as they are genius.
Perfume from Byredo, brush from Aerin Beauty, cleansing gel from Clarins,hairspray from

and deodorant from