Juliane, A Style Journey
I recently (finally) had the opportunity to visit Marrakech – a trip I’ll share more of soon. But to tease you guys a bit with this exciting city with many faces, here is one of the too many good restaurants/bars hiding in the streets of Marrakech; Buddha-Bar.
The hybrid between a restaurant and bar is located in the new part of the town, in the main street and it’s literally impossible to miss. Buddha-Bar is a worldwide concept actually – placed in several big cities all over the world. But unlike a lot of concept restaurants, Buddha-Bar really have good food and drinks, all in a modern asian/fusion style and flavors.

The local in Marrakesh is big, dark and with dimmed lights in different colors – and a lot of powerful golden details! In the middle there is a big scene with a huge Buddha the evening shows are held a few times during the night. AND I know, shows can be disturbing (and too often too bad) when eating, but this one is good. Trust me.
BUT if shows really isn’t your thing, get yourself some moroccan wine. It will surprise you! Not as good as the Spanish wine, but really worth the taste. Or just get one of the too good drinks! I actually had the best drink ever there, but my sloppy memory can’t remember its name…

When it comes to the food I had an Asian-way beef and it was amazing. Also the dessert was really good, which is quite rarely there.
Psst… You can get drinks in the bar area, but if you want to eat reserve a table.