Katarina, A Style Journey
(Affiliate) I bet this don’t apply all of you, but speaking for myself I’m a real packing nerd. I really love the satisfying feeling I get by packing smart. Like really love it. When you know you’ve packet just what you know you’ll be wearing, just as many outfits as you need and the right garments to avoid the clothing crises (that have a tendens to appear when not needed. I mean who likes to loose time on dressing when there are so many other things to do?!). Not to mention when you know you’ve packet pieces that can be worn more than ones, in different combinations, looking totally different the second time.
This really makes me feel good and since there are a lot of travels just around the corner, I’ve already started planning in my mind. And what I’ve noted so far is that I won’t be going anywhere this spring without these 5 garments:
Beige t-shirt from H&M, off white t-shirt from MM6 Maison Margiela, black t-shirt from Frances de Lourdes, white t-shirt from H&M, blue t-shirt from Bassike and white t-shirt from Frances de Lourdes.
1. THE LONG SLEEVED T-SHIRT… just as perfect – and super elegant! – by itself as it’s underneath a blazer.
Brown blazer from Tiger of Sweden, blue blazer from Erika Cavallini, off white blazer from Joseph, black blazer from Hope, beige blazer from Theory and pink blazer from 3.1. Phillip Lim.
2. THE SUMMER BLAZER…yes, the blazer is following us this SS-season as well and it’s still oversized (so it can be used as a dress as well as it’s ment to be worn). BUT for SS we want it lighter and from time to other in fresh colors.
Split dress from Jacquemus, split dress from Weekend Max Mara, split dress from Zara, split skirt from Toga, split dress from Bower and split skirt from Rosetta Getty.
3. THE SPLIT PIECE… either it’s a dress or a skirt. As long as it has a deep split it’s the perfect go-to garment. Wear it over some tights or cropped trousers in daytime and ‘shameless’ when night falls.
Brown cropped trousers from Chloé, black cropped trousers from Jacquemus, white cropped trousers from By Malene Birger, black cropped trousers from J.Crew, beige cropped trousers from Jacquemus and black cropped trousers from Marni.
4. THE CROPPED TROUSERS…not only does these trousers make you look taller when worn with some open high heeled sandals, they’re just as good for long shopping days as for late night dinners. Either way, they add some casual chicness to your look.
White dress from Lost & Found Ria Dunn, black dress from Jacquemus, beige dress from Caravana, brown dress from Jacquemus, black dress from Organic By John Patrick and blue dress from MSGM.
5. THE TINY DRESS… because there is just no piece like it this SS-season. A tiny dress is more wearable and practical than you think. Wear it as a top during the day and by itself at night. Or maybe as a beach pieces, thrown over your bikini. However you feel comfortable wearing it, it’ll make you look super confident and BOMBA!
Top photo: Vogue Paris April 2018 by Lachlan Bailey / A Style Journey collage.