The Quick Fix TOP 5 EYE MASKS

Caroline, A Style Journey
(Affiliate) I assume I’m not alone when saying that the eye area is tricky business? I mean, if your eyes are first swollen, or black circles have arrived, it’s pretty hard to do anything about it. Therefore very few trends have excited me as much as the eye masks! Finally a better offer than «cures» like ‘massaging’ the eye area or drink loads of water (cus who does that?).
Due to my general experience with handling the eye area, I was skeptical, but to my great surprise some of the masks actually worked… a lot. We’re talking a brighter, less puffy eye area with seemingly reduced fine lines, which also stayed throughout the day!
Below we’ve gathered our top 5 favorite masks based on 1) result (this was our main focus) 2) … let’s call it physical abilities. Latter basically came down to five enquiries that MATTERS (at least to me) and honestly did pull a few mask out of the competition.
1. DON’T MOVE: If it’s a physical mask. It all sounds so easy on the package «keep the mask on while you brush your teeth» … watch TV or … whatever, but in more than one occasion you spend your fifteen minutes waiting for the magic to happen, only to realize, the mask did so on your cheeks.
2. NO PRODUCT MESS! What help is it with the mask staying in place if 80% of the products slides down cheekbone alley.
3. NO TIME IN THE REFRIGERATOR NEEDED: This is a quick fix competition and it’s serious. That means that masks can be put in the refrigerator are ok, but masks that has to go in the refrigerator are simply out.
4. DON’R BE PRICEY: Most of these masks can only be used once, so nobody can afford that!
5. DON’T BE CHEAP: If it’s a physical mask, don’t make us run to the store every Saturday. Please, include at least three masks in one package!
Anyways – here are our top four eye masks + one we’re soooo curious about (the one from Shiseido):
Eye mask from

eye mask from TogoSpa, eye mask from Starskin, eye mask from Decléor and eye mask from Filorga.

Top photo: Courtesy of Hung Vanngo / @hungvanngo