Juliane, A Style Journey
(Affiliate) Even though I’m dreaming of summer holidays (who isn’t?), I can’t help myself from thinking it’s still so far away. Anyone with me? One to three months is not a long period, but it’s definitely long enough if you’re longing for a getaway… But who said it’s not okey with a little pre-holidays getaway? Especially if it’s not that far away and doesn’t coast a fortune? And of course we know the perfect cities that ticks off the mentioned criteria as well as a couple of others; good shopping, delicious food (and wine!) and cultural spots. Booking one of these three cities you’ll never go wrong – and they’re all in Europe!

Rome, the indescribable capital of Italy. No city above I’ve heard? But belive it or not I still haven’t visited Rome and that’s starting to annoy me quite a bit… Everyone (especially our own K) talks about how various and breathtaking this city is. And all of the history and culture Rome has to offer? Well, I’m dying too see it! … and hopefully it’ll happen faster than I know (hint hint!).
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I’ve been in Berlin once before, but that’s a LONG time ago. I don’t remember much to be honest – and I feel that counts for a lot of known big cities. You visit them one time (often when you’re younger with your parents) and you simply ‘forget’ or don’t mind visiting them again because you’ve already been there. That’s at least how I feel, and how I feel about Berlin. But a lot has been happening in the city the past years (like in the fashion and food scene) as well as it ticks of my criteria, especially the cultural. Also I’ve heard the nightlife is quite amazing.
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If you’re looking for a city vacation with good weather, surrounded by gorgeous architecture, Porto is definitely the spot! Not to mention the wine and delicious food the city has to offer. And if I think about it; this may be THE vacation I dream about right now? Anyone having some tips?
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Anyways; happy vacay-booking!