Beauty Testing THE BEST FAKE TANS OF 2018

Caroline, A Style Journey
(Affiliate) We’re obviously overjoyed with the sun coming out these days, at the same time we have to admit that we’re dreading the idea of bare skin. Yes, because after a (too) looong winter we’ve definitely been more comfortable with both showing off legs and arms!
Now, as there ain’t nowhere near enough sun in this country for out tanning needs AND of course, as the amount we would prefer is hardly healthy, we’re looking for alternatives means to reach our tanning goal.

Fake-tan is to many the obvious choice, but we have to admit we’re beginners in this area. This season we’re however determined to do something about this, and are super excited about testing our newest beauty-hope. After some time with good old research we’ve gathered 9 of the fake tans we’re most curious about testing below. So stayed tuned for the result or – if you’re as impatient as us – join our testing session!
Happy Sunday, xx.
fake tan from Eco by Sonya.
Photo: LACHLAN BAILEY for WJS Magazine