Katarina, A Style Journey
There is nothing like doing some really good shopping scoops! You know those catches that makes you feel a little bit extra thanks to their amazing price YET good look an quality. We’re speaking of the high street catches from some of our favorite high street shops – and at the moment it feels like there are a lot of them. A LOT. And that just in the for the vacay season. What a perfect timing right? Or maybe not? Anyways; gathered below are 15 pieces we’re really looking forward to pack with us for all the vacays to come this summer.
WARNING! You should probably go get that card right away…
Dress from Zara, bag from Mango, shoes from H&M, blazer from H&M, dress from Zara, top from Zara, swimsuit from Zara, beach scarf from H&M, shirt from Mango, dress from H&M, shirt from H&M, pants from Zara, dress from Mango, shirt dress from Zara and shoes from Mango.
Top photo: i-D Magazine Spring 2018 by Zoë Ghertner