Juliane, A Style Journey
Is it strange that we LOVE to dream ourselves away to new and beautiful spots – even though we’re not going there in the nearest future? Hunting down dreamy destinations while working and in a totally different (a lot more boring) environment? Not to mention we’re often dreaming about destinations most of us can’t even afford. Well, we really do, BUT instead of focusing on dreamy beaches and crazy expensive hotels – that are way our of our league – this time we’re focusing on the work of mother nature. Free to see for even us deadly humans – except for the flight, that might not be as free to some of the spots…
This time I’ve actually gathered 12 places that are officially on my must-see-list-before-I-die (okey, I’ve actually visited one of them already, Pamukkule in Turkey, but the rest I haven’t) and they should be on yours too. See yourself:
1. Antelope Canyon, Arizona, United States
2. Reed Flute Caves, China
3. Skaftafell Ice Cave, Iceland
4. Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia
5. Grand Prismatic Hot Spring, Wyoming
6. Turquoise Ice, Lake Baikal, Russia
7. Glowworm Caves, Waitomo, New Zealand
8. Aogashima, Japan
9. The Eye of Africa, Mauritania
10. Angkor wat, Cambodia
11. Pamukkule, Turkey
12. Torres del Paine, Chile