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(This article contains sponsored products and affiliate) It’s safe to say that it’s heating up out there! But however happy the sun makes us, it definitely also make us feel well… not so fresh at times. You know when your heading to that after work coffee and you just feel dull and up-heated? Well, we’ve found a simple, but effective solution: Face mists!Combine them with your favorite perfume and red lips stick and DALE!
Personally, I was rather slow in testing the face mists simply because I then didn’t like the feeling of the spray. Well, after testing some pretty amazing mists, I can assure you fellow-worriers that it’s not a problem. On behalf of the spray-addicts I can also inform you who still havn’t tested it that it’s the perfect touch up – for work, long days in the city and of course when traveling!
To share the addiction we’ve gathered our top five sprays you’ll fall in love with this summer:
Pssst… Many of these sprays are also perfect as a base for make up! I usually both start and end a makeup session with it. T

his way my makeup doesn’t only last longer, but I get that refreshing feeling before I leave the house.

Psssst 2… If you like me are struggling with moisturizers which ends up in layers on the outside of your skin, this can be a perfect solution! My trick is to spray a gentil amount whenever I would really use a cream (this however depends on your skin type and the product of course).
Top photo:Céline Resort 2018 by Juergen Telle