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(Affiliate) Anyone else experiencing that the summer months can be tough on your skin – eh? Ironic isn’t it, the few weeks your only makeup plan is glowing skin you end up with the worst skin you had all year?
Well, we feel you – more than you know – and we’re also so aware on how hard it can be to change the state of the skin… Because skin is quite difficult isn’t it? There’s little doubt that genes has it’s say, but also factors like stress, hormones and SUNSCREEN(!) can interfere.
After years of failing we’ve landed on one trick – facial masks. Now, we all know that one mask won’t do much, but after using good masks regularly, we’ve experienced improved skin (while doing very few other alterations, but including more ice cream in our lives).
Below we’ve gathered masks that have helped all three of us in times of lousy skin, meaning those too oily, dry, dull days.
Pssst… Another important products to get rid of imperfections are a good scrub and you might wanna try another sunscreen if it gets too bad.

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