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First things first: It’s important for me to emphasize that I’m not writing this article thinking or pretending like I’m a super-tech-nerd who knows all it is to know about smartphones. Because I don’t. But what I will share is my experience – and BIG fear! – of changing from my beloved iPhone to a stranger. A Samsung A8 that was supposed to change all I thought I knew. Yes, this little test of mine got a TOTALLY different outcome than expected…
There is no secret my heart has belonged to iPhones. Ever since the smartphones first got out on the marked I’ve been an iPhoner, switching between all the iPhones generations. I love the Apple design and the IOS system is SO easy. Not to mention there are few things like iMassage and FaceTime! The love-list is long and I bet all you iPhone lovers can finish the list by yourselves. So, like in all love stories and long lasting relationships, one of my biggest fears was to break up. Break up with my to well known IOS and switch to an android system that seemed impossible to love.
And at first it was. BUT, like with everything else time ‘heals’ all and after 1-2 weeks with a bit of frustration (okey, a lot the first week) and some failing I finally started to understand A8. You know, when you start doing things automatically?

The operation system is everything else than hard to get and to be honest, definitely not so scary either. But some of the things are extremely different, both when it comes to the look (of the apps for instance) and the way of getting around. One thing that I really love more about Samsung A8 is its Play Store (translated: App Store). It was so freakishly organized and simply just nice to look at. So satisfying!
And now to the best part – the one thing that truly amazed and even turned me over: Did you guys know that Samsung has had this amazing camera all the time? Seriously that thing is AMAZING! And A8 has far from Samsung’s best camera, so I can only imagine the S9 camera – and the A8 camera is better than the one on my iPhone 7, so… I also do have to mention the double front camera which iPhone can’t match. Yet at least.
Last, but not least: I have to highlight one more thing to all you travel lovers out there. The double SIM-thing is quite practical. One phone, two SIM cards. One for your home country and one for the country you’re visiting. Brilliant, I know! A huge ASJ plus right there Samsung.

So what happened in the end you ask? iPhone or Samsung?
The answer is both, all depending on your needs. Now, I’ll most likely keeping the Samsung, because I’ve fell in love again, but I can’t promise I won’t fall back to my ‘ex-boyfriend’ either. At the moment, with work and travels, A8 is what I need. But to sum
up; to all you iPhone users that’ve thought about switching to a Samsung, do it! It’s not that scary and you might get quite surprised!