(Affiliate) Summer glow and fresh lips? Yes, please!
Now, we don’t know about you, but to us there’s something super-chic about this combo – and to be frank we’re just as crazy about it day as night. Obviously we’re more hooked on some colors than others, and we have to admit that we seldom push ourselves further than to dark red lips… But then again; how exciting isn’t dark red lips? And other reds? Or see-through? Or just gorgeous, delicate pink tones?
Come to think of it, we love them all! But it needs to be the right color and that – as you probably have experienced – can be so hard to find. Below we’ve gathered some of our favorite lip colors and added three things that helps us to choose the perfect product:
1. Don’t buy a lip product because it looks good on your friend:We’ve been there so many times, but as you’ve probably experienced yourself lip color is key. A pretty pink color on Juliane is not a pretty pink color on me – unfortunately… Our best tip? Try the product on your hand or ask the people who work there for help.
2. Be aware of the difference of warm and cold colors:We usually safe and choose cold colors as they can give the impression of whiter teeth rather than a warmer color, which can make your teeth look more yellow-ish.
3. Know your mate and your glossy: We’re generally mate girls, but as many of you might know a mate texture can give the impression of dryer or more narrow lips. Gloss on the other hand, can be your best friend if you want to emphasis the size of your lips.
Top photo: Porter Magazine #24 Winter Escape by Camilla Akrans