Dress from Rumors and clutch from Episode
Katarina, A Style Journey
One of my latest travels was belive it or not, Amsterdam. Definitely what I told myself all the way was NOT my type of city, turned out to become one of my new favorite weekend getaway cities. Anyways, more of that and why in our coming Travel With Us post, but one of the many reasons why the city really got my attention, was its pretty good vintage selection! As some of you might already know I’m a vintage-hunter; loving all the shapes, silhouettes, details and materials (not to mention all these in one!) that will never be made again. At least not as good as it once were done. Not to mention the excitement and adrenalin (?) the hunting itself gives me, when entering a vintage heaven, not knowing what you’re looking for, who you’ll be following around until they leave the MUST-HAVE piece you eyed them carry or if you’ll find something at all. The whole vintage-hunting-package is really something one gets addicted to when first getting into it. And if you’re already a ‘heavy user’ here are 5 must-visit Amsterdam vintage stores:
1. EPISODE VINTGAE: You’ll find three of them in Amsterdam, all worth a visit. Both women’s and men’s clothing. You’ll mainly find a lot of random, old brands, but you might also find some designer catches! I found an amazing Salvatore Ferragamo blazer for my boyfriend – and me!

Dress from Episode
2. RUMORS VINTAGE:A cute little vintage store in one of the main streets, Haarlemmstraat. Mainly women’s clothing, but some for the guys as well. This one actually has a mix of vintage and some new stuff, like retro sunglasses that are really worth checking out.
3. MARBLES VINTAGE: Is similar to Rumors, but has for instance more shoes to choose from as well as a quite good pick of clothing.
4. BIS VINTAGE: This shop is actually 3-in-1. One for women, one for men and one for military clothing. As well as having good vintage garments and bags, Bic is especially good on vintage suits for men – and for those women loving men’s suits like I do!

La Doyenne Vintage
5. LA DOYENNE VINTAGE: …and last, but not least; must-visit a luxe vintage shop. We’re talking everything from designer vintage bags, accessories, shoes and clothing for houses like Chanel, Dior, Hermès, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and many more. A vintage lovers dream and nightmare at the same time!