Juliane, A Style Journey
(Affiliate) We all know (to well) that a plane ride can be both really good AAAND really bad. If you’re on the good one, you actually don’t need that much to keep you satisfied, but if you somehow happen to find yourself on the bad one, well then you should just keep on reading.
There are a lot of things to remember when traveling, but just as essential – if not even more – is to remember all the things you should bring with you into the plane. Because let’s be hones, if you forget to pack something, you can almost always buy it when you arrive. BUT if you forget to bring something in your carry-on (and you end up on a bad trip…) you’re literally screwed. SO, to make the hand luggage packing a bit easier AND to save you from potential disasters, I’ve gathered 8 of my favorite must-haves (except the regulars like passport and phone) that I always bring with me. Especially on longer flights.
Headphones from Bose, powerbank from GP PowerBank, face mist from La Mer, travel pillow from Flight 001, lip balm from Elizabeth Arden, hand cream from Clinique, sweater from Twist & Tango and books by Jussi Adler Olsen.
HEADPHONES:… preferably noise canceling ones!Because who really likes screaming kids or snorting strangers? A good headset gives you peace and quiet for the whole trip. Not to mention it ‘kills’ the talkers!
POWERBANK:Everyone who have traveled far knows how fast the battery dies. A powerbank is simply just a must.
FACE MIST:No more dry and dull airplane skin. This one is a real savior and has the perfect smell and fresh touch.
TRAVEL PILLOW:Bad looking? Yes! A bad looking savior? Definitely! I love this one. Not only is it a good pillow on the trip, it’s a quite good neck supporter on the beach as well!

ust like your face, your lips and hands need some love as well. At least mine. Not to mention the lip balm often can be used as a quick fix highlighter as well and the hand cream as a face cream.

A COZY SWEATSHIRT:Some tips get quite chilly, so an extra sweater is never a bad idea. Also it’s quite cozy as well!
A GOOD BOOK:…when you’ve watched all the films in the entertainment system.