The Team, A Style Journey
If there is one thing we’re always working on here at ASJ it’s to improve our travel style; making it as smart as possible yet keeping it super chic and timeless! Which garments should never ever make it to our suitcases again (the list is actually kind of long!), and which ones will we never leave behind? We asked ourselves and here are the 5 garments we won’t be traveling without this summer:

1. A PLAIN, WHITE T-SHIRT: As in many situations in life, a white piece of clothing can get you out of almost anything. Personally I prefer a thick texture and most days a round neckline.
2. SUNGLASSES: … because if waving that white piece of clothing doesn’t work, a pair of dark shades will definitely get you safe home. My favorite this summer is a squared, lavish pair from Celine. Unfortunately I don’t wear them inside (@KatarinaPetrovic), but outdoor I’m as shady as the rest of them. 3. BLACK JEANS (AND BEIGE TROUSERS): I’m not a difficult girl – just hand me a pair of black jeans and a white t-shirt and I’m done (and truth is; it’s about as good as it gets).4. GOLDEN HOOPS: My relationship to jewelry is one of the more complicated in my life. I love them on others, but as soon as I buy some myself – even if it’s an identical piece of some I liked on a friend – they just feel wrong. Anyways, my chunky gold rings from Jane Kønig has somehow charmed me, and I wear them all the time. It has even gone so far they tricked me into thinking that they make me look more awake?5. AN EXPENSIVE PERFUME: …ok, not that expensive, but we want the good stuff! Because we all know the best things in life comes for free and the second best? They’re (very) expensive. And perfume to me is simply one of life’s most thrilling parts. Every spray simply makes me just a little happier. So, I might forget my passport, but there’s no way I’m leaving my perfumes behind.
T-shirt from Jil Sander, pants from Kahite, jeans from Levis, sunglasses from Céline, earrings from Jane Kønig and perfume from 2787 Perfume.

1. A LONG BLACK DRESS: It simply goes with everything and works for any occasion the vacay might bring. A nice dinner? Check. A shopping-day? Check. Not to mention it’s super comfy (if you find the right one of course) and suits the warm weather perfectly!2. A SMALL BLACK PURSE: The one thing I seem to ALWAYS forget, but always need so badly no matter where I am. My mission this summer is to find the perfect one with golden details that’ll save me from all the mini travel crisis.3. THE WIDE, WHITE BLOUSE: This summer I have a huge hang up in wide (we’re talking wiiiiide!) white blouses. I just Love how they’re both super girly and casual at the same time, which makes them the perfect go to garment. Not to mention they’re just as perfect with some jeans, as they’re with skirts or even over a long dress. So in my suitcase you’ll find at least two of them. Okey 4. 4. THE LONG DENIM SKIRT: Speaking about crushes, I have one more ATM; the long denim skirt. I recently bought a light one and dark one, and can’t wait to juse them (with the white blouse). 5. BIG GOLDEN HOOPS: I simply just love them. I usually always wear small ones, so this summer I’m upgrading to big once. Adding the final touch to all my favorite clothes and summer looks.
Dress from By Malene Birger, bag from Building Block, blouse from Michael Kors, skirt from Alexa Chung and golden hoops from Halogen.

1. THE OVERSIZED STRAW HAT: …I didn’t buy the La Bomba straw hat for no reason! As well as being super Insta-friendly, is actually quite practical (even though it doesn’t look that way). Not only does it make a dull outfit in no time, it’s also the perfect beach friend making you look gorgeous AND protecting you – and your beach-buddy – from the sun! In other words; never leave for a beach-vacay without your oversized friend…ever again.
2. SUNGLASSES: Saviors (post-travel, or just the day after), protectors and outfit-lifters. Do I have to continue? The perfect travel companion.
3. THE DARING DRESS: Either if it’s a long, short or midi one; as long as it has a daring detail, silhouette or cut it’s just what I’m looking for. A higher split, a low back drop or just a killer cleavage. It can also be as much as a uber mini dress or spaghetti strops revealing your VERY delicate shoulder part. Why? Because there is nothing more HOT than sun kissed skin in summer.
4. A MULTIWEAR SCARF: …that can be worn as a scarf of course (when traveling), as a top (for a night out) or as a sarong (for those long beach days and day lunches). Wearable and simply just good looking!
5. THE WHITE SHIRT: Because it’s the most wearable garment, made for summer long summer days. Definitely my go-to garments this summer! My favorite style ATM is the wide one with round neck and wide sleeves. Wear it over the bikini to the beach, with cropped pants for shopping-hour and tucked into a split shirt for dinner and drinks in the evening.
Hat from Jacquemus, sunglasses from Saint Laurent, dress from Jacquemus, scarf from Loewe and shirt from H&M.
Photos: Kjersti Hegna / A Style Journey collage