Katarina, A Style Journey
What is really happening with Jacquemus? Or to put it more correctly; what is happening with us and our extreme obsession with Jacquemus? After Simon Porte Jacquemus’ presentation yesterday of his first ever menswear collection, we find ourselvesofficially even more blessed (if that’s even possible?) – and you’ll definitely see us wearing his mens styles pretty soon. 1. The blue tracksuit set. 2. The oversized top-to-toe white look. 3. The wide denim pants and up-folded flower print shirt. And in general more shirts and wide suit pants.
Did you ever think such simpleness could look SO casual yet so elegant and powerful? Well, only Jacquemus knows how! And only he can bring back old and authentic trends in such a way that you’re just thinking «why did I ever stop wearing that?!».Like for instance the mini-mini dresses in the «La Bomba» collection, that was banned from the industry for so many years and suddenly became the hottest wearable thing this season. Just like it has been the most common thing to wear for years. Or like the ‘balkan style’ baby blue track suit – that of course was styled open, shirtless and with a golden chain – that you don’t see a lot more places than in the streets of Balkan (and obviously once in the South of France as well?). Like you would ever allow your better half to walk around in that thing before yesterday? Thought so. Not to mention the a bit too long shorts that was (before yesterday) probably one of the most unsexy things ever. Belmin (my boyfriend) on the other hand couldn’t be happier when I today, during our pre-vacay shopping session, suggested that he should definitely invest in a pair for our upcoming vacation.

So, what is it with Jacquemus? Why is our obsession just getting bigger? And how does he do it; making our worst fashion nightmares the most obvious things to wear over the night? «Le Gadjo», the name of his menswear SS19 collection, is the closest we’ve got to an answer. The slang is used amongst the young in the south of France to describe a man. Just the everyday man, nothing more, nothing else. Not a fashion maniac, not a ‘I-try-to-be-a-fashionista, just an authentic man. And there is the word ‘authentic’.
Simon is authentic.What he is doing is authentic. Real. Natural. It’s simply what he is made to do and he is not trying to do anything else, being anything else. His design, inspiration and vision is so natural for him, it becomes natural for us. Like we – and our better halves now – were always supposed to wear Jacquemus. Because it’s simply just the most natural thing to do.
See the whole collection HERE – and some of my favorite looks below:
Photos: Yannis Vlamos, Vogue Runway