Post Card From PONZA

Katarina, A Style Journey
To begin with; hope you’re all having a beautiful summer, home or abroad, and that you’re enjoying it with loved ones, good food, a bit too much wine(?) and amazing books! At least that pretty much sums up my vacation at Ponza at the moment. We’re (my boyfriend and I) have been here for a week now and this ‘hidden’ little island is treating us too well – if I’m even allowed to say?
We’re staying at a secret little spot – the vacation house of an Italian poet, Antonio De Luca – and it’s just like a dream. Or actually it feels like we’ve been taken out from the real world an put into an old Italian movie. All by ourselves – and a couple of boats passing by, wondering what we’re doing here and how we arrived. As you might have seen on Instagram (or understand based on the previous lines) we’re quite desolated and we LOVE it! I’ll share all the details with you when I get back home. But until then, follow us on Instagram! AND tomorrow we will be moving on to our next – and last – stop on the island.
Speak soon! Also, please ask if you have any questions.
xx, K