High Street Favorites 20 MID-SUMMER NEWS TO KEEP AN EYE ON

Katarina Petrovic, A Style Journey
Even though we’re pretty much only hunting down the best sale pieces at the moment, we can’t leave the stores without soaking some new inspiration by browsing the too many good mid-summer/pre-fall news. We’re especially obsessing over light knitted pieces and that they’ll be following us into this fall. Not to mention the fresh blues we’ve (shockingly enough!) been wearing all summer not seem to be going anywhere aaaaaand we can’t wait to style them with our usual basic palette; black, white and different shades of beige and brown.
You feel us? Well, after this you will:
Sweater from Weekday, bikini top from Mango, bikini bottoms from Mango, top from COS, bag from Mango, skirt from Zara, shirt from Weekday, dress from H&M, jeans from Weekday, skirt from COS, bag from Mango, sweater from Weekday, skirt from H&M, dress from Zara, top from COS, bag from Mango, hoodie from Weekday, dress from Zara, skirt from COS and trousers with tights from Zara.