Caroline, A Style Journey

(Affiliate) We would love to tell you that we’re all about embracing our natural paleness (as well as our green juices…), but the truth is; very few things make us feel fresher than a tan. With that said, we’ve definitely changed our tanning game over the years, now focusing a lot more on getting a slow, but lasting tan.

During this time we’ve come across quite a few tips and tricks. Have they resulted in an all-year tan? Absolutely not. But, we like to think we’ve been able to keep the color a bit longer.

Here are 7 favorite tips and products for the job:

Pssst… Tip number 4 has undoubtedly contributed to a rather oily skin, but who sees that through all that summer-glow? 


1. Keep your skin hydrated (so the tan won’t simply peel off). This genius two-in-one cleanse and moisturizing oil from Rå Organic Skincare is our forever favorite.

2. Replace your old soap with a more hydrating variant (for the reason above), like this beauty from Jo Malone London.

3. Exfoliate before you go on holiday, this way you’ve removed the old skin cells- which would peel off soon anyways. You’ll find this scrub from Biotherm on our bathroom shelf. 

4. Skip the exfoliator when you got the tan.

5. Use sun screen when you tan, and of course, avoid getting burned. We love the series from Decléor

6. If your tan is fake, avoid chlorinated pools.

7. Emphasis you color with bronzing powder and a fresh lip color. These day’s we’re all about this favorite from Chanel and this sassy lipstick from Dior

Top photo: Alexander McQueen Fall/Winter 2018-2019 by Jamie Hawkesworth