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(Affiliate) Yes, we in ASJ like to think we’re all about natural beauty. But, because there’s a but, very few things make us reconsider this assumption as packing. Because we do bring quite a few things, and we do feel rather naked without them. So, here are some of our travel essentials and how ever natural we pretend to be, the truth is we wouldn’t go very far without these beauty must-haves!


What’s in your makeup bag this summer and why?

In my makeup bag this summer you won’t be finding much – only a couple of glowing favorites to give a natural, fresh summer touch to my sun kissed skin. A fluid bronzer (with SPF!), a pink blush, glow drops and killer highlighter are going to me my must-haves, besides my brow products and lipliner.

What are your go-to products on the beach and in the city – what do you always bring with you in your purse?

Since I’m all about glowing skin (we’re talking almost sweat glow!) what I’ll be touching up with is a highlighter (that might also just be a shiny lipgloss) and a blush after freshing up with Elixir’s Antioxidant tonic pads or the Exuviance SkinRise Bionic Tonic pads, depending on what type of finish you want. The latter gives a lot more glow, while first ones gives a more natural freshness.

Also I never leave anywhere without my lipliner, a good brow gel and a fresh lip hybrid.

What’s your secret trick for staying fresh on the road?

Don’t get lazy with your skincare! It’s super easy, but you’ll spare yourself for so much time if your skin is in shape – allowing you to use less products on your skin while on the road. If you’re having a beach vacay this summer, remember to help your skin renew itself with a good scrub. It’ll give you more glow as well as you’ll keep the tan longer!


Bronzer from Giorgio Armani, scrub from Cliniquehighlighter from Giorgio Armani, lipliner H&M, toning pads from Elixir, pads from Exuviance, honey bronzer from The Body Shop, blush fromGiorgio Armani, brow gel from EYEKO, lipstick from YSL.


What’s in your makeup bag this summer and why?

I really don’t like to use a lot of makeup when on vacation. So there’s not much there really, but there are two products I can’t travel without. My beloved eyebrow pen from Maybelline and mascara from Helena Rubinstein. I also bring a blush and eyeshadow palette, in case I want to ‘dress up’ a bit more.

What are your go-to products on the beach or in the city – what do you always bring with you in your purse?

I always bring a lip balm and hand cream, simply because dry skin in the worst! I also bring a face mist –  it rescues me all the time. And of course a lipliner in the right color, that makes your lips look way better.

What’s your secret trick for staying fresh on the road?

Boring perhaps, but staying hydrated – in other words remembering to drink enough water is definitely the best trick I know. If it’s too late for that, a concealer and a blush can definitely do magic!

Lip balm from Oribe, eyebrow pen from Maybelline, mascara from Helena Rubinstein, blush from Milani, face mist from Lilah B, eyeshadow from PURlipliner from HM, concealer from Estee Lauder, hand cream from Clarins.


What’s in your makeup bag this summer and why?

Quality products are (if possible!) even more important when traveling. Key words  to describe my makeup bag are therefore few, but oh so extra products! For skin products I’m rather conservative – I simply bring the best concealer I know, Duo concealer from Nilens Jord, and my favorite BB-cream from Decléor. The result with this BB-cream is the most natural and gorgeous I’ve ever tried. And I love the smell of it!

I also bring a contouring stick from Nilens Jord. This is perfect for rookies. The color is super natural and it’s so easy to blend that you don’t need to worry about making mistakes (aka they’ll be gone with a few rubs). Besides these skin favorites, I always bring my eyelash curler from Mr. Tweezerman (you really need to try this award-winning brand if you haven’t!), my super extra mascara from Lancôme, and of course – my eyeliner from Yves Rocher.

What are your go-to products on the beach or in the city – what do you always bring with you in your purse?

On the beach – nothing but a facial mist. In the city I always bring mascara, eyeliner, concealer and lipstick because you never know what you’re day might bring (…or you actually do).

What’s your secret trick for staying fresh on the road?

Face mist and perfume. Always and forever!

Perfume from Carner, concealer from Nilens Jord, BB-cream from Decléor, face mist from KORA Organics, eyeliner from Yves Rocher, eyelash curler from Mr. Tweezerman, mascara from Lancôme.

Photos: Kjersti Hegna

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