Katarina, A Style Journey

(Affiliate) Even though it doesn’t feel like summer is going anywhere yet – and we couldn’t be happier of course! – I can’t stop myself from dreaming away to a bit colder days thanks to one specific trend. The light knit.

We’ve already been seeing small ‘drops’ of the trend it stores in form of dresses and tops, but the trend is only going to get bigger! We’re talking skirts and dresses, sweaters and tops. Not to mention details like hats and scarves – AND we can’t wait to see all the goodies that’ll soon hit stores.

Until then, here are X light knit favorites to get your hands on and three tips to how to style the up and coming trend!

1. DRESSED UP KNIT: Don’t be afraid to dress up your knit. There is actually nothing hotter this fall than to wear your knit to a party! … or even a wedding! Thanks to Jacquemus. Just add some elegant details – heels, a statement bag or some killer earrings – and voilà!

2. KNIT FROM TOP TO TOE: … at least this one is very Scandi appropriate! Go for an all-knit look, either if it’s an knit dress or layers like a knit sweater over a knit skirt. Casual, comfy and actually kind of statement.

3. BALANCE: If you’re not all-knit (or just want to mix up your knit obsession a bit), balance the trend by styling it with other classics. A white shirt underneath your favorite knit dress or just a silky skirt to a delicate knit top. All depending on the occasion and the look you want.

Skirt with tights from Zara, ribbed-knit skirt from Zara, knit dress from Zara, wrap skirt from Zara, turtleneck from Zara, knit dress from Jacquemus, knit top from Jacquemus, knitted dress from Victoria Beckham, draped knitted skirt from Stella McCartney, knitted cardigan from Fabiana Filippi, knit dress from Maison Margiela, knitted fringe top from NK, fringed knitted skirt from Dolce & Gabbana, v-neck sweater from The Row, ribbed-knit top Jacquemus and crochet-knit maxi dress from My Beachy Side.

Photos: Vogue Runway