The Fashion Editors Favorites: 3 TRAVEL-FRIENDLY NEWS TO WATCH

Katarina, A Style Journey

(Affiliate) I’m never not looking for what I call perfect travel-pieces; it’s simply an obsession of mine! You know those pieces that’s making you feel like a genius because they spare you SO much time – and all those unnecessary clothing crises! Those pieces that somehow always seem to appear in moments of need yet end up making you feel SO good? We’re talking about those pieces.

Any wonder why I’m addicted?

Anyways, during my latest hunt, I discovered three new travel-friendly pieces we all should keep an extra eye on in between the news hitting the stores these days:

THE MINIMALISTIC MODERN DRESS: There are few pieces like a good modern dress; one with clean lines, sharp edges and few, yet good details. Especially speaking in terms of travels. If you find the right one, you’ll want to wear it day in and day out, thanks to it’s many styling opportunities. … and this one from Joseph is that kind of dress. Color, length, fit and details; I mean, just look at that scarf detail! Not to mention the button-up side that makes it just as perfect for daytime as nightlife – just button in up. A bit.

THE BLANKET SCARF: Where do I even begin? Before your next travel, just throw it over your shoulders before you leave the house. This all-around piece is really just genius! Wear it as a sweater, use it as a scarf, wrap it as a top – or maybe even a skirt? – And use it as a pillow during the trip or just as a blanket for you and your companion! Genius. … and we love the fringes on this one from Max Mara.

THE MINI-BAG: I never travel without at least one. The mini-bag is simply a must; to keep your V.I.P pieces (passport, phone, wallet,…) in one place inside your carry-on AND to keep you from bringing your life with you when heading off to a shopping round, exploring a new city or having a late night snack. We don’t need that extra bag stress (neither the things inside!).

– And of course there is no detail hotter ATM than a gorgeous mini-bag! This one from Rejina Pyo is our proof.

Pssst… Look at the uber-smart buckle detail, making it possible to wear it over your shoulder as well!

Bag from Rejina Pyo, dress from Joseph and blanket scarf from Max Mara.